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​WANG CHUNG, the duo of Nick Feldman and Jack Hues, came out of the post-punk, New Wave scene in the UK going on to achieve global success selling millions of records. Throughout their 39 year career they have released 6 studio albums and 2 greatest hits collections. They have had 6 US Top 40 hits including a massive Number 1 single. In the process of all of this (and somewhat unintentionally), Wang Chung became part of the contemporary culture of North America. Their huge smash, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight", with its now famous line, "Everybody Wang Chung tonight", saw the invention of a new US verb  "to Wang Chung". Icons such as Homer Simpson and Frasier Crane name-checked the band on TV. Wang Chung even achieved punch-line status in the movie The Spy Who Shagged Me. The band became a multi-media sensation with urban lexicon cache that will entertain and confound for generations. You will find their decade-defying hits as part of the soundtracks to dozens of commercials, films, video games, TV shows, and more. Now, when you're at any social gathering and someone asks, "Can you tell me what a Wang Chung is?", you can amaze and astound everyone around you with the details to formulate the perfect informed answer.


During the 1990’s, Nick joined up with Jon Moss of Culture Club to form the band Promised Land. They released the club anthem "Something In The Air" through Pete Tong’s label ffrr (the abbreviation stands for Full Frequency Range Recordings) and subsequently released their self-titled debut album on Epic Records in 1992.

In 1998, Nick co-wrote "I Am" with Suggs (Madness) and was the lead track for the Hollywood remake of The Avengers. When the single was released, it became a hit in the UK.

Post-Wang Chung and Promised Land, Nick went on to become an A&R executive for Warner Brothers Records in the UK, head of A&R for Sony Europe and SonyBMG. His reputation within the industry expanded with signing acts like Bullet For My Valentine amongst many other successes. He left SonyBMG in 2006.



Jack worked on various film soundtracks during the 1990’s which included his work for the William Friedkin film The Guardian.

He later teamed up with Tony Banks (Genesis) to form the one-off group Strictly Inc., releasing a self-titled album in 1995.

Since that time, Jack formed The Quartet, a hybrid Jazz band, in 2005. They have released two albums - Illuminated (2007) and Shattering (2008) - both produced by Chris Hughes on released on his Helium label. Both albums have garnered rave reviews in the national press.

Jack has completed working on Primitif, his solo album that is scheduled to be released March 2020. He plans to support it with some live shows.

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