JANUARY 9, 2020

This lovely piece appeared in the December issue of Prog Magazine. Special thanks to Mike Barnes for piecing my ramblings together. Also thanks to Jerry Ewing and the team at Prog.


DECEMBER 24, 2019   


NOVEMBER 17, 2019   

Click on the image to the right to view the brand new video for "Whitstable Beach", the first single from Primitif, the forthcoming solo album by Jack Hues. The image links to an article featured in  Prog, a UK music magazine. The video is at the end of the article about Jack.

Also, you can click on the following red text to watch the music video:


Then visit to pre-order the CD and double vinyl LP of Primitif.

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NOVEMBER 15, 2019   


Today sees the release of the first ever solo single and video from Jack Hues. Entitled "Whitstable Beach", it's from his forthcoming double album Primitif. More details and a link to the music video will follow later today.


Canterbury… Canterbury Sound… . In the late 60’s and early 70’s, a sound emerged that was unique to the city. In 2010 Jack Hues and The Quartet and Canterbury Rock band Syd Arthur joined forces to conjure that sound again in an evening of music at Canterbury’s legendary Orange Street Music Club. They played “Facelift” and a medley of Soft Machine pieces arranged by Syd’s Raven Bush, plus an arrangement of the 3rd movement of Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto. The evening culminated in a performance of “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” by Beck (from his album "Muta

“Mutations”) with both bands on stage – 2 drummers, 2 bass players, violin, guitars, keyboards – an awe inspiring noise!

In July 2012, we gathered together in a barn just outside Canterbury and recorded the song, joined by Chris Hughes (Wang Chung, Tears For Fears) on percussion and provided a bit of gentle producing. Paul Booth was in on the session playing tenor saxophone. This is the New Canterbury Sound...

This is your chance to pre-order the Limited Edition 12-inch vinyl of "Nobody's Fault But My Own".  Your order will include the digital pre-order of the song. You will get that track now plus the complete album the moment it’s released. The track is available as a high-quality download in MP3, WAV, FLAC and other formats from our Bandcamp page. It will also be available to stream via the free Bandcamp app. The entire album is scheduled to be released on March 8th.

Pre-order your copy of the 12-inch vinyl of "Nobody's Fault But My Own" (limited to only 500 copies worldwide) by clicking the following link:


Today, we are in Prague recording an orchestra for the new Wang Chung album.


If you happen to be near Amougies, Belgium today, check out Wang Chung at the W-Fest. Jack Hues and Nick Feldman will be playing a full, live set at 4.45 pm (local time) on the Synth Scene stage. Hopefully, we will have some photos from the gig to share with you soon.

For more information, visit the official W-Fest website at


It's the first day of July! As promised, we're announcing the answer to our Wang Chung anniversary riddle.

The band celebrates an important milestone. "Don't Be My Enemy" was released 35 years ago this month. Issued in the UK, it was the very first single from the album "Points On The Curve". It was made available in both 7" and 12" vinyl configurations.


One week from today, we will celebrate a Wang Chung milestone. It'll be one of many over the next 12 months. Get ready to mark the 35th wangiversary of a chungtastic moment in the band's history. All will be revealed in seven days.


Listen to Jack Hues in a newly recorded interview by Jon Lamoreaux on the latest episode of the podcast, "The Hustle". Click on the image to the right!



Here are a few photos from our performance at Rewind Festival. Enjoy!


Here’s Jack talking up some of the great and good from the last US Tour…​

August 31st:

Los Angeles, The Sportsmen’s Lodge - we arrived in the late afternoon. Already LA was mellowing with the approach of Fall, deeper colours, longer shadows and in the evenings a delicious smell that reminds me of our first visits to LA in the 80’s. LA does nostalgia very well. I think of LA as a brand new town, but really it is steeped in nostalgia for its own celluloid past and for my own. Jerry’s Deli for dinner and it was like we had never been away!​

September 1st:

We met up with Mark Bell, an old friend of both Nick and Paul’s. He lives in LA and does all kinds of DJ remix stuff. Lots of stories, wild times - heart of the maelstrom stuff that must be published one day. The stories that led to Paul developing a speech impediment were particularly striking… he recovered after a few months. Oh yes. We went to an ambitious Italian restaurant on Ventura Blvd. where the waitress proudly announced that their lasagne contained the best meat sauce “in the world”. A challenge from which I could not escape so lasagne it was and yes it was very nice meat sauce.





September 2nd:

1st gig at The Key Club. We went on around 11.00pm so we -  and the audience -  were pretty tired - 7am for us UK time. But we did our best and everyone enjoyed it. It was great to see friends there. Peter Wolf drove up from Malibu in the nicest white Bentley convertible I have ever seen. And he gave Nick and I a lift back to the Sportsmen’s Lodge. Sitting in the back of that car hurtling up Laurel Canyon and gazing up at the stars was bliss. Peter is one of those people you just want to be around and it was so great to spend time with him in LA.

September 3rd:

Checked out of the Lodge around midday and got into the suburban that was to take us up to Vegas. Mikal drove in the worst traffic - apparently everyone goes to Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend. So a long drive, Mikal in the driving seat, Steve Serrano sitting next to him with his check shirt over the side window to try and block out the sun so he could watch the Bourne movies - it just looked like some student’s bedroom. Nick was reading “Apathy for the Devil” - the new book by Nick Kent. I got into listening to this great Little Feat bootleg called Electrif Lycanthrope. They were just hitting their stride on Spanish Moon as we hit Vegas and lots of LCD type signs with all the stuff that was on that weekend - including us. That funny picture of me and Nick in the 80’s would flash up, our name in lights, Little Feat rocking out, everyone in the car happy and buzzing. Lovely. We checked into the Monte Carlo, a hotel lobby like an airport check-in but they looked after us and we got settled in for our holiday in Las Vegas.






September 4th:

I think it was 106 degrees on the Strip on Saturday afternoon. Paul and Tom and I found a nice little place for breakfast down the street. eggs over-easy on wheat toast, hash browns and coffee and OJ. Perfect and we went there every morning.

Soundcheck was around 4pm in The Pub - sounds a bit lumpy, but was actually nice. A big space, good size stage and decent sound system with a good crew. The gig that evening was really good. Great crowd and lots of friends came along. Peter Wolf was there again as he was doing the Jerry Lewis Telethon the next day. Lee Gorman from Bow Wow Wow, a dear friend from our early days in 57 Men where he played bass. He lives in Vegas now and came with his girlfriend who looked like she had just walked out of an Andy Warhol movie. CJ, a DJ friend of ours came along and Nick’s brother Steve was also there plus Colin Gibbens, Emma and various other friends. I love an entourage! So we hung out into the night and managed to ignore the Casino’s multifarious temptations.




September 5th:

A day off. Bob Burchess, a photographer friend of ours got in touch to invite us to the Carrot Top show at the Luxor that night. We went along as Carrot Top’s guests and had a great time. He is in the fourth year of a five year contract - mind boggling - but you’d think this was the first week of a short run. He was totally spontaneous, really smart and hilarious. The props were in the good old English tradition of say Tommy Cooper and his self-deprecating stance and surreal sense of everyday stuff was a bit like early Izzard. Tom and Paul are seasoned comedy fans and I wondered what their attitude would be but they were rolling around in laughter. He introduced us towards the end of the show and then invited us backstage. His family and their kids were there plus his crew. He was very friendly and it was a nice atmosphere, an honour to invited and really great all round. We walked back to the Monte Carlo and took in Vegas at night. The sheer hubris of it all made us feel very happy to be there.

September 6th:

I think I spent the day typing in a thousand “likes” to the Wang Chung facebook profile - sad really. But in the evening we had managed to get tickets to see “Love”, the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show. There were those among us who felt it was all a waste of time, but as Ringo says in the documentary, “You’ve got the old records if you want to listen to them - we just wanted to try something new”. So we four all went along, plus Nick’s brother Steve. We can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are a Beatles head then you are going to be a little weepy and trying to pull yourself together at times and you will love hearing the music LOUD and recombined in inventive ways. If you are new to the Beatles then this could turn you on to them. It is visually stunning - the colours and formations of characters and the ultra-skill of the acrobats - amazing and all really in the grand Beatles tradition of working with arty eccentrics like The Fool, Peter Blake, even Astrid Voorman back in the early days. So a totally amazing experience that you can only have in Las Vegas. It gave it the air of a pilgrimage in a way. Now let's not get too carried away. Took a long walk back from the Mirage to our hotel via the Bellagio fountains - a little less classy than “Love”, but plenty of hubris. And there is a bit of the strip that looks exactly like scenes from The Fifth Element. Now this is what the future is supposed to look like, right?

September 7th:

Tom, Paul and I rented a car and drove to Area 51! Who knows what happened from there…


Whilst Jack, Paul and Tom went off on their (frankly ludicrous but rather endearing) quest for aliens and above-top-secret snooping in and around Area 51… . me and my brother (who had schlepped over from London to Vegas a few nights before, to see us play a really enjoyable gig at the Monte Carlo Hotel… the first time he’d seen us play since the 80’s!), decided to undertake a much more out of this world experience.We decided to go in a helicopter from Vegas to check out the Grand before, 

Canyon. I had never actually seen the canyon up close before, although over the years I’ve driven past it many times on various tours with Wang Chung. This time we not only flew over it, along it, etc., but we landed IN it too!!! It was spectacular enough taking off and getting an exciting view of the strip of Vegas, but the views as we approached and then flew into the canyon were breathtaking. On the way, we flew over the Hoover Dam and various man made lakes. It was almost unreal landing in the canyon with the sides towering 4,000 feet above us on each side.​